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What are wax melts & how do you use them?

I remember launching a very small number of wax melts back in 2018, but they weren't well known & people didn't know what to do with them. Although over the past couple of years, they've really taken off and are now super popular.

A wax melt is exactly what it sounds like. It's a small piece of scented wax that you melt in a burner. They can come in all shapes and sizes & can be coloured with dye and jazzed up with glitter.

How do you use wax melts?

In order to use wax melts, you need a wax burner. You can either get an electric warmer, or one that requires a tea light to be placed underneath to generate heat. Using an electric warmer is a great option for people with children & pets, as there's no candle needed which means the whole setup is flame free. Simply pop the wax melt in the top and allow it to melt into a liquid pool and fill the area with scent.

When you've finished simply turn the warmer off or blow out the tea light. The melted wax will cool and solidify, ready for you to use again next time. When there's no fragrance left, it's time to change the wax. To clean the burner in a quick & easy way, simply turn your burner on or light the tea light for a minute or so, just so that the very bottom layer melts. You can then slip out the wax and wipe any residue away with kitchen roll. Then pop a new melt in and let the fragrance flow again.

Why should you try wax melts?

Wax melts are often much cheaper than candles so they're a great way to try a scent before committing to a candle. They're also a great option for scenting larger spaces as they release a more intense fragrance.

What are Rowbert wax melts like?

In true Rowbert fashion, our wax melts are beautifully minimal, both in ingredients & packaging. Made from natural, vegan friendly soy wax, each bar is poured individually in small batches. We only add fragrance and garnish them with real dried flowers so they not only smell amazing, but they're super pretty too. Each bar has five snappable chunks, with each chunk providing 6 hours of gorgeous fragrance, meaning that's a whopping 30 hours of scent per bar.

As with every product, our packaging is considered and we only use what's necessary. Our wax melts are housed in sustainably sourced paper bags with paper stickers, meaning they're completely plastic free and 100% recyclable.


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