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Scent Spotlight: Greenhouse

A high intensity fragrance, bursting with fresh, green notes of tomato leaves, cucumber & crisp salad leaves. Greenhouse is a super refreshing scent comprised of all things leafy & green.

I introduced Greenhouse to the collection around 3 years ago. First appearing as a guest in our monthly candle club subcription, I had so many messages saying how much people loved it.

I knew we had a gap for a green, fresh fragrance that would work wonders in the warmer months so Greenhouse joined the core collection. Imagine a warm summer day, you've got the patio doors open and the air is filled with the smell of freshly cut grass, BBQs and there's a gentle warm breeze. You pour a glass of crisp pinot and your space is enveloped with the smell of tomato leaves on the vine, with fresh cucumber and warming herbs whisking you away to an italian garden.

Our Greenhouse diffuser is perfect for summer, continuously scenting your space with a light, uplifting scent that keeps your home smelling fresh. Or if you fancy a burst of scent, our Greenhouse air mist banishes linger smells in the kitchen or bathroom.

Greenhouse is available as: Wax Melt, Candle, Reed Diffuser & Refill, Air Mist.


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