Our soy wax melts are shaped as cute little stars, featuring real dried flowers that look both beautiful and smell great. Simply pop 1 or 2 melts into your burner and allow the gorgeous scent to fill your space.


  • Pack of 10, each wax melt will diffuse fragrance for up to 6 hours which means a pack provides 60 hours of beautiful burn time
  • Each & every melt is poured by hand in small batches
  • Made from natural soy wax
  • Presented in ethically sourced paper bags, all of the packaging is fully recyclable & plastic free
  • Vegan friendly


All of our products are handcrafted in super small batches. Just one pair of hands in a small home kitchen in Harrogate. Yeah it takes longer, but we like that we can keep tabs on the quality of every one.

Soy Wax Melts (Various Fragrances)

Choose your scent
  • Depending on how strong you like the fragrance to be, pop 1-2 melts into your burner and allow the room to fill with gorgeous fragrance.