What's the difference between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils?

You'll have heard of essential oils, but perhaps not fragrance oils. What are the two and how do they differ? In this no frills blog, we take a look into the two different types of scented oils, their pros and cons and how they can be used in candle making.

What is an Essential Oil?

Put simply, an Essential Oil (EO) is a concentrated liquid that is extracted from plants. Whether it be the flowers, leaves, peel, root, seed or bark... plants provide an abundance of ways to use their properties. There are various ways to extract the oil from the plants, including cold pressing & steam distillation to name just two. This is why EO's vary so much in colour. Citrus oils will have yellow or orange tones, and woody scents will have a darker appearance. Since the oil comes from plants it is considered a natural source and is becoming an eve