What are the different types of candle wax?

Decode the different types of candle waxes with our handy guide. Learn about what wax is, the history of candle making, which burns best and more! As you know, honesty & transparency is at the heart of what we do at Rowbert, so here's a no frills, unbiased overview of the different types of candle waxes, including their benefits and pitfalls.

What is candle wax?

The wax is essentially a candle’s fuel. For a candle to burn, the wick needs fuel, which comes when the candle wick is lit, which melts the wax. The wick then absorbs the liquefied wax, which enables the flame to stay lit. The flame provides sufficient heat to sustain the candle as it burns, causing the wax to continuously melt, keeping the fuel running and the candle lit.

The history of candle wax

Romans were the first recorded creators of candles, used to worship the birth of the goddess Artemis on the 6th day of each lunar month. They made dipped candles, which were made from tallow, a rendered form of animal fat that is solid at room temperature.