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Testing, testing!

Before we add any candle to our collection, it goes through multiple stages of testing. It takes time, but we want to make sure it's as perfect as can be!

There's various things we test throughout the process. Here's a look at what we do:

1. Oils - Once we know which oils we want to use, we test various combinations to get the perfect blend. There's usually more than one type of oil in our candles, so we test each one at differing levels to make sure the scent is just right. A touch more of this, a little more of that. We love experimenting and coming up with powerful blends that boost your wellbeing.

2. Wick - An overlooked element of a candle, but we think it's the single most important part. Too small, and the candle won't burn evenly and you'll get leftover, wasted wax. Too big and it'll burn the candle too quickly and could cause other problems such as flickering or smoking. When testing the wick, we need to make sure it's the right size for the jar that it comes in. When creating a batch, we'll use a few different sizes to see which performs best when we test burn them.

3. The Test Burn - Here's the exciting part! We love gearing up to test a new candle, to see if we got all the components right. More often than not, we haven't. It means going back to the drawing board and making a few tweaks, but it's all learning and we love it! We record various different things to determine the success of the candle and whether it's right. We measure the length of time it takes for the top layer of wax to fully melt and reach the edge of the jar, this way we know it's not going to tunnel. During the whole burning process, we note down the length of time for each burn until it reaches the end, giving us the total burn time. Voila!

We do this with a few different candles, just to make sure we get consistent results across the board. It takes time, but we love the testing process. It makes the moment we sell the finished version that much more satisfying, as we know you're buying a product you're going to love as much as we do!

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