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Spray a few spritzes and inhale the crisp, energising notes of soothing tea tree and fresh peppermint balanced with cooling eucalyptus essential oils. Let the perfect blend of pure essential oils sooth, calm and uplift you. Feeling a little run down? This is perfect for clearing your airways and soothing sore heads.


All of our products are handcrafted in super small batches. Just one pair of hands in a small home kitchen in Harrogate. Yeah it takes longer, but we like that we can keep tabs on the quality of every one.


Also available as a candle & reed diffuser.

Tea Tree & Mint Air Mist

  • A couple of spritzes on your pillow, bedding and in the air helps you wind down and prepare for sleep if you're suffering with a cold. Spray on your dressing gown or PJ's to help breathing easier.

    Not just for illness though, this fragrance is incredibly crisp and neutralises odours brilliantly. Pump a few sprays in your bin before putting the bag in, or spray in your pets bed to give it a little freshen up.