We strive for perfection when making our candles, but at the end of the day we're only human and we make mistakes. Every single one is handmade after all! These little babies could have a slightly wonky label, a scratch on the lid, or the tops aren't quite as smooth as we'd like. But you have my word, they will still burn beautifully and smell amazing!


  • Each candle is handcrafted in small batches
  • Made from natural soy wax
  • Scented with perfume oils
  • Our packaging is conscious and reusable


All of our products are handcrafted in super small batches. Just one pair of hands in a small home kitchen in Harrogate. Yeah it takes longer, but we like that we can keep tabs on the quality of every one.

'Not Quite Perfect' Medium Candles

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  • Light for a minimum of two hours, or until the top layer of wax has totally melted and reaches the edge of the glass jar. This ensures the candle burns evenly all the way down and doesn't tunnel.


    Trimming the wick helps too. When your candle arrives, it'll be at the perfect length to enjoy your first burn together. After each subsequent burn, let the wax cool and trim the charred wick off. This stops the candle from smoking and reduces soot on the inside of the container. It also stops the wick from getting too hot and burning your candle too fast, meaning it'll last longer. Bonus!


    Tip: Make use of your lid. It will keep dust at bay, ensuring your candle is kept clean when not in use.